The company "L-oil" was established in 2005 and has been successful in Georgia's oil products market as the best quality fuel supplier and the reliable partner. Realizing the great responsibility to the country's legislation, as well as loyalty towards high corporate standards, our mission is to offer customers the best products and services on the market.
The company has been serving more than five hundred legal entities by supply of the fuel. At the same time by deliberating reinvestments in the company established retail network across the country and has been able to provide high quality products for retail consumers.
We constantly take care to increase the efficiency of the service to optimize production processes, investing in new equipment, modernization of existing assets for customer satisfaction and in the shortest possible time.
The company "L-oil" is the non-exclusive license holder of the company "Lukoil-Georgia", which together with great pride gives us the greatest responsibility toward the country, customer and employees - to be the organization of high corporate services and standards. Our policy is based on the following values ​​-
  • Staff - everything that the company creates is made by people - our employees, for people - our customers. More than 100 employees are taking care of the company's successful work every day. They are the company's most valuable asset;
  • Ecology and technology - We are constantly committed to environmental protection with a sense of high responsibility toward the country and society, which is conditioned by the advanced technological equipment and systems to deliver high European quality products;
  • Corporate standard - The company operates with employees, customers, partners and state agencies with open, honest, fair and equitable principles.

Company achievements

According to the “National Business Rating Association”, our company has been named in the golden list of business and ratings of the industry in 2015 and 2016. In the following nominations - "turnover", "profit-loss", "average wages for employed people", "staff expenses", "number of employees" and awarded with the rank of the “Industry Leader” in accordance with the classical economic activity classification.

Our company actively cooperates with:
"Tegeta Motors", „Rich Metal Group“
„Atillla Transport“, Association „ATU“, „Mega Trans“ ...

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