"Tegeta Motors" center in Telavi.

რიჩ მეტალ გრუპი - კაზრეთი, ბოლნისი"Rich Metal Group" - Kazreti, Bolnisi.

For three years already 'L-oil" has been cooperating with "Tegeta Motors". At our petrol station in Telavi six car repair boxes and showroom of Tegeta Motors's are active. They offer a full range of auto parts and auto maintenance services for corporate and retail customers. The service includes diagnostics and reparation of automobiles and trucks, buses, construction and special equipments through authorized programs. Along with the best quality fuel, customers can buy auto parts and repair their cars by high professional experienced handymen.

Our company actively cooperates with the mining sector. "Rich Metal Group" is one of the largest enterprises in Georgia and South Caucasus, which is engaged in mining activities in Bolnisi region. Companies "RMG Gold" and "RMG Copper" produce copper concentrates and golden diamond alloys (as semi-finished products) as a result of the extraction and processing of copper and gold-containing ores. "L -Oil" company served the "Rich Metal Group" providing more than 12 500 000 liters of fuel.

transport companyThe role of our company in the supply of heavy equipment for companies involved in various infrastructural projects is outstanding. Such as association "ATU", Road Construction Company "Tbilisi", construction company "Gold", LLC "Road Technique", LLC "Ibercompany" and others. For companies operating in this sector our company supplied more than 50 000 000 liters of fuel.

It is worth noting that cooperation with transportation and cargo delivery companies - "Atillla Transport", "Dogu Karadeniz", "Kardal Tourism", "Mega Trans", "Yuksell International Transport", "Sever Transport", etc. Also, companies operating in the agricultural sector, such as "Chateau Mukhrani", "Besini" Ltd, "Geo Distributor Group" Ltd. The car park of these companies is being carried out at our company petrol stations.
Besides the above companies, "L-OIL" LLC has a close trade relationship with more than 500 legal entities which are involved in retail sales of oil products market with a total trade turnover exceeding 700,000,000 liters.


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